Holly & Co® is a modern pet boutique specialising in timeless, aesthetic and durable accessories for all furry friends. Our pieces are crafted both in-house by ourselves and by skilled artisans from across the globe. From everyday adventures to special occasions, we have something for every man and his dog.

Here at Holly & Co we go above and beyond to create timeless pieces that are durable in nature. We carefully research and develop products that we know will stand the test of time, all while keeping your furry friend safe. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure durability, comfort and beautiful design. Designed for practicality, not just aesthetics.

We spend countless hours researching and liaising with suppliers and artisans from across the globe. It is part of our values as a business that we support ethical working conditions. 

Using only the finest materials, premium pet hardware and industrial strength stitching to create the best quality accessories. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products; made to be beautiful and made to last.

Our accessories are classic and timeless. Made to be pleasing to the eye and always beautiful. No garish prints or overwhelming colours. Just neutrals, florals and minimalist designs.

The Story

What started as a side-gig soon turned into something much more. We are a mother and daughter duo, with a furry CEO that models part-time. Our store opened in June of 2018 and we had no idea where it would take us. We have since been able to quit our day jobs and work for the coolest business in the world. Our store now has over 400 products to choose from, with new designs being added frequently.

Holly & Co has expanded beyond our wildest dreams, with a range of products for dogs, cats and even humans! We continue to develop and innovate ideas to encompass the widest range of customers possible.

Our brand now has over 6,000 sales, 11,000+ products sold, 39,000 Instagram followers and 30 incredible ambassadors. What was once us seeking out others to represent us now has our DM's full of collaboration requests on the daily. We still have to pinch ourselves when we think about the amount of people that want to be part of Holly & Co.

In 2018 we did not for one minute expect to be where we are today. We are so incredibly blessed and proud of what we have created for the community. And to all our friends, ambassadors, customers, followers, copycats and haters, THANK YOU. We wouldn't be what we are today if not for you. You're all truly the best! 

The Founder

Em has a Bachelor of Business with accounting and marketing specialisation. She controls the ins and outs of the business and ensures the social accounts are up to date with all the latest h+c goss. She is also the bow queen!

The Seamstress

Jan has over 35 years of sewing experience. With a keen eye for design and a perfectionist mindset, ensuring our products are always 110% amazing. She is a brain tumour survivor and an absolute warrior of a woman.

 The CEO

Holly is an 11 year old Malshi. Her many talents include non-stop eating, snoring like a train and being absolutely adorable. Her paw-drobe currently consists of 400 products. She's a fashion icon and influencer.