Velvet Collar // Sunrise Orange

Velvet Collar // Sunrise Orange

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The early bird gets the worm... and also the best looking accessories on the planet. The Sunrise Orange velvet set is a truly stunning shade of orange. Warm, autumnal vibes perfect for fall!

  • 100% vegan velvet fabric.
  • Rose gold metal hardware for added touch of luxury.
  • Fully adjustable for the perfect fit.
  • Heavy duty and sturdy.

Due to the high quality nature of the metal hardware, these collars are heavier than others. Please keep this in mind if your pooch is sensitive.

Size Neck Width
XS 21 - 30cm 2cm
S 26 - 38cm 2cm
M 34 - 51cm 2.5cm
L 42 - 70cm 2.5cm