Holly & Co™ is a sophisticated and elite dog accessory brand, helping your dog to live their best life.
Our accessories are hand crafted to absolute perfection, combining aesthetic design and durability to create the perfect product for you and your pooch. Our wide variety of accessories are made with all kinds of pups in mind - big and small, young and old. Our signature Holly & Co™ Velvet Collection is what sets us apart from the rest. We recommend you try it for yourself to see the effort and commitment we put into our accessories.

sophistication and quality

Our products are crafted with both aesthetics and durability in mind. We carefully research and source fabrics that we know will stand the test of time, all while keeping your furry friend safe.
Here at Holly & Co™ we go above and beyond to create timeless pieces that are durable in nature. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure durability, comfort and beautiful design. Designed for practicality, not just aesthetics.

Our hardware has been thoughtfully selected due to it's angular design. Although our hardware is beautiful, this does not compromise on strength and quality. Unlike other businesses, we do not use hardware intended for haberdasheries. Our hardware is specifically designed for animal use. Our leash snap hooks have a breaking load of up to 197kg (haberdashery snap hooks have a breaking load of only 15kg). Even the strongest of furry friends can enjoy our accessories.

Who is Holly?

Holly is an 11 year old Malshi, living her best life in Tasmania, Australia. She has faced many hardships throughout her life and we believe she deserves only the best. Holly & Co™ was created purely out of the love we have for this beautiful pup.