Who are Holly & co?

Holly & Co® is your relatable fashion bestie. We make fashion accessible and fun, so every bad b*tch can express their real-self . Our pieces are crafted both in-house by ourselves and by skilled artisans from across the globe. From the everyday go-to to special occasions, we have something for every human and their dog.

We go above and beyond to design unique apparel & accessories that are durable in nature. Each piece is expertly handcrafted to ensure maximum durability, comfort and gorgeous design. Designed for practicality, not just aesthetics. We are the original creators of velvet dog accessories and are proud to say we have inspired a revolution of velvet dog products amongst the community.

What we stand for

At Holly & Co we believe in self-expression and not giving a damn about what others think of you. We work hard to create affordable, quality apparel & accessories that provide access for everyone to the latest global trends and styles. We are passionate about bringing positive power to our community.

We regularly donate to various charities and causes that are close to our heart.

holly's story

Holly was our precious Malshi that inspired the brand to be what it is today. She was the brains behind the company and dabbled in some modelling between her busy schedule. Holly crossed over the rainbow bridge on 31 October 2020. She touched so many lives during her time on The Gram and without her, Holly & Co would not exist. We love and miss Holly everyday, but we are determined to make Holly & Co a global name. ♥

We know there are so many choices when it comes to fashion. I want to personally thank you for being a Holly & Co customer. We want you to feel empowered, no matter what life throws at you. Times have been tough recently, but so are you! Through it all we will be here with you so you can live your best life. You have allowed us to donate money and products to many different causes close to our hearts. We are determined to keep spread good things and giving back to the community that continues to support us.

We are committed to bringing you meaningful fashion so that you can truly express who you are.
And remember - you do you, boo!